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What parents are saying about Westminster Preschool.

“Great job Westminster Preschool!!! Thank you!! For everything you guys do and for loving our kids!!!” –Kara Quick

"I heard how great Westminster Preschool was and how they would help Braylen open up more to children. I decided to make the call and get an enrollment form sent to my house. When the enrollment form arrived I filled it out and sent it in still not knowing if I would let Braylen go to preschool. As the days got closer we started receiving papers for meet the teacher so I decided to take Braylen to meet Miss Susan. We walked into her classroom and Braylen instantly started

playing and Miss Susan was so kind. She was the reason I fully made my mind up to let him attend Preschool and will be re enrolling again this year. Braylen has learned so much in her classroom and does great with other children now. I'm so thankful for Miss Susan and all the other Staff at Westminster Preschool." - Kayla and Braylen Poff

“I started at Westminster Preschool as a parent of a daughter who had never been part of such love, friends and kindness! Everything we never expected from a school! Then my son attended. Same love and care for him also. Then I was mom at home alone. My kids were in big school. So I needed a part time job to fill my time. I browsed the help wanted ads weekly. Then something I never, ever expected, a little 3 line ad, ‘Van driver wanted. 304 324-0987’. I don’t know why but that was the ad I answered. I don’t know why but I expected a taxi service or something that I would turn down. Then I phoned. I heard this kind voice on the other end. It was Ms. Linda! I could hear her smile through my phone line. I interviewed and drove Tuesday/Thursday van service and built from there to where I am today! I love Westminster Preschool!” - Eva Brown

"We have been a Westminster Preschool family for seven years now. I grew up in Bluefield, and when I

moved back with a family of my own, I knew there was no where else I would want to put my one year old son. "I am now the proud parent of two Westminster

graduates. My husband and I attribute much

of their success in school to the early childhood education they received from the loving staff members

at Westminster Preschool. My youngest child is now finishing his last year at Westminster. It was a

bittersweet moment when I filled out the last enrollment papers that I would ever send into the

preschool last winter. The staff has became part of our extended family. Not long after turning in those

papers I learned that a position would be opening up and I knew I had to apply. While my time as a

Westminster Preschool parent will soon end, I look forward to many more years working with the staff

that has so richly blessed my three children." -Mary Morris Park

"I value and appreciate Westminster Preschool for everything they have done for my son. Austin is an

only child and he has been going to Westminster now for two years. He has flourished in school by learning important values at his young age. He enjoys spending time with his friends at school and has learned to share with other children. It has taught him so many different aspects of learning. He now knows how to say all of his ABC’s, count to 20 and can talk your ear off. He has a wonderful teacher, “Mrs. Heather”, and she has been such a positive influence on my son’s life. Your children will be in great hands at Westminster. Thank you for everything you do daily for the children." -Susan Jones

"As my oldest child, Brayden, got older I started looking for a preschool to send him to. I had heard about Westminster Preschool and decided to do some research. I read about the school on their website and loved everything about it. The curriculum and values they teach are very important to me. We went to the open house, where I met Ms.Heather. She was so sweet and willing to answer any questions I had. I filled out the registration form for Brayden that day! He really enjoys school and is learning more each day. Ms. Heather and other staff care about the children and it shows." -Jessica Clemins

"Being relatively new to the area when I had my son and asking for recommendations regarding local preschools, I registered my son for Westminster at a young two years of age. I wanted to provide my son an early learning experience that would deepen his socialization skills as well as provide a Christian-based education for him. I have been more than pleased with the experience that my son and our family have had at

Westminster. He enjoys coming to school, learning new concepts, riding the bus, and socializing with his friends. I sincerely thank Westminster and its staff for the role they have played in three of my son's early developmental years." - Serena Martin

“My husband and I decided to enroll our son to Westminster Preschool after visiting their open house. We toured the school and met some of the faculty there and everyone seemed so friendly. We were able to meet our son’s teacher and view the classroom he would be in. We really liked his teacher and she shared with us the curriculum and schedule he would have. We were very impressed with the structure of the program and decided this was where we wanted to send our son, to a well organized, structured, and friendly environment, that was accredited for a great preschool curriculum. Thanks Westminster! - Jon and Stacy Jones

"Choosing a preschool for our children is a tough one for every parent. For my husband and I it was

important that Carleigh enjoy and want to go to pre-school, that she would go somewhere that lays a

good educational foundation and that her preschool have a warm atmosphere. So when my little girl

wakes up in the morning smiling because she can't wait to go to Mrs. Linda's class, writes her name

entirely on her own and sings "Glory to God" throughout our home, I am positive we have chosen the

right place for our daughter. She is so very happy at WPC, she is learning and she is loved. Thank you

WPC!" -BJ Roberts

"I am the proud mother of two Westminster Preschool graduates. My children are now in the third grade and kindergarten and are performing at a high level in all areas of their schooling. Westminster Preschool came into our lives through the Westminster MOPS group, when a mother there told me about the programs they had for my son, even at the age of 2. The next school year Ryan started preschool in Ms. Susan's class and we never looked back. My daughter Jenna started before she was 2 and went each year, from Ms. Dora's class to Ms. Linda's class. Preschool at Westminster offered my children not only the best educational opportunities to prepare them for where they are now, but it also offered a social environment that helped them spread their wings. They formed friendships in preschool that are still going strong.

In 2014 I had the honor of joining the Westminster Preschool staff. My hope in joining the staff is to be

able to continue to provide the children there, and all of our future enrolled children, the same educational, spiritual, friendly, fun, positive, and safe environment that my children had the blessing to experience. For I know the foundation built at Westminster Preschool is a foundation that is strong and truly can last a lifetime." - Lisa Kidd

“The first thing I did when I found out we were moving to Bluefield was to look into the schools. Where we lived at the time (out of state) my children were happy in school and preschool, and one of my first priorities was to find out what our options were in Bluefield. I walked through the halls of Westminster Preschool one Sunday, and immediately knew that was where I wanted my children to be. My middle son started in Ms. Heathers class a few weeks into the school year, and my youngest started in Ms. Mary's class a few weeks later-both have done so well! It is always hard to move, make new friends and adjust to an new area, but Westminster preschool has made it so much easier on my children-and me! Tate and Levi are happy and excited to go to school each day, and I feel secure that they are well taken care of, well loved, and learning so much. We are thankful for their teachers, the other staff, and their friends. Levi has two more years ahead of him, and we look forward to each one!” - Carrie Mullins

"I would just like to say that Westminster Preschool has been a great learning experience for my grandson Parker. This is his thrid year - next year he will go to Kindergarten. We will truly miss the teachers, the songs he sings taught by Ms. Pam, the lessons learned from Ms. Linda, Ms. Susan and Ms. Mary. If you are looking for a preschool for your child I would encourage you to choose Westminster Preschool, a safe Christian atmosphere for any child." - Sammie Andrews

"Westminster Preschool has been one of the absolute best decisions we have ever made for our daughter Kassidy. We started 2 years ago, just looking for a social activity for our only-child, but have been able to watch her flourish and grow in so many ways we never expected. Kass not only has become more outgoing and independent but gained important basics to prepare her for kindergarten next year and made some awesome friends along the way. It makes me so happy she is excited about going to school and learning. We LOVE Ms. Heather, Ms. Linda and Ms. Pam." - Megan Belcher

"When our daughter Olivia turned 3, we had some concerns over her social development. She was always very shy and very clingy. She would not interact well with her extended family, let alone with other children her own age. Her older sister Brooklyn, then aged 4 was a year out from Kindergarten and eager to learn. So last year, we enrolled both of them at Westminster Pre-School. As the year went by our girls blossomed under the guidance and love shown by Ms. Mary, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Heather. Olivia came out of her shell. Instead of hanging onto my wife and my leg at the playground, she ran straight for the slide. She became eager to learn and interact with others, discovering a new world of exciting possibilities. Brooklyn, never shy, learned the skillls necessary to prepare her for kindergarten. By the end of the year she could write the alphabet, signed her name and recongnized some words. She developed a love of learning a respect for education.

Here we are a year later and Brooklyn is ahead of the curve at Kindergarten. She is excelling in reading, math and writing. She is socially engaged with her classmates and takes such pride in reading books and doing her homework every night. Olivia is back at Westminster under the care and guidance of Ms. Linda. Ms. Linda has such a love for Westminster and her students. Olivia can't wait to go to school each day to learn and play with her classmates. She boards Ms. Pam's bus every day on her own like a big girl and performed in the Christmas show in front of a huge crowd without missing a beat. She is following the same trajectory as her older sister with her education and we have no doubt that she will be prepared in every way to enter Kindergarten next year.

We are so thankful for the loving staff of Westminster Pre-School. Words cannot express the gratitude we have towards this famly of educators that we have entrusted with the care and education of our children. We are truly blessed to have this school in our community." - Brian Smith

"Our family has been a part of Westminster Preschool for the past 4 years. we have children currently enrolled in the Toddler Time and Kindergarten Bound class. Westminster has been such a blessing to our family. The staff always manages to go above and beyond our expectations. Whether it is a tiny handprint for Mother's Day, singing "God Bless America", or finding out that the class painted American Flags for Veteran's Day, we are always so impressed with the creative activities that the kids are working on each week. We are so fortunate to have a program in our area that not only prepares our children for grade school, but also helps create a foundation for their faith." -Brandon And Sara Sheets

"We have been a part of the Westminster Preschool family for 4 years now. I knew I wanted to send Jaxon to a preschool not only to prepare him for kindergarten but to also give him a foundation for his faith. I'm happy to say that we found the perfect place at Westminster!! he has learned so much more than I could have ever imagined and the staff truly loves the children. Jaxon has made so many friends and wonderful memories there. WPS has been such a blessing to Jaxon and to us. It was definitely one of the best decisions we ever made!!" - John and Kara Quick

"Westminster Preschool has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. Besides her younger brother she did not have much interaction with other children, which is the reason we decided to enroll her in a preschool program. Not only has the social interaction been excellent for her, but her vocabulary has expanded, she knows how to sit still at a table, she cleans up after herself, and could not be a happier child. I could not be more pleased on how just attending two days a week has helped her socially, emotionally, academically, behavior wise, and just all the positive growth I've seen in her over this year. Thank you Westminster for all you have done. We look forward to having her and her brother in the program next year!" Amanda Etter

"Our experience with Westminster Preschool began several years before we had our boys. I was babysitting for a friend and her two boys attended Westminster. I knew from the moment I walked in to pick them up that I wanted my kids to attend there. It is a very welcoming environment and the staff is so wonderful. When it was time for our oldest to be enrolled, there were no openings at the time. Just one week after school started I received a message that there was an opening, and he started school that week. Preschool has helped him develop better speech along with social skills. He comes home singing songs he has learned and telling us about his friends. Our youngest started his first year at Westminster in 2017. He is a little more timid than our oldest so it has been a different experience but still a rewarding one! His speech is starting to get better and he is beginning to play better with others. The boys look forward to going to preschool and it gives them more opportunities to learn and grow. They offer many events throughtout the year where families can come eat, enjoy music and art, and see first-hand what their kids have been learning. I would highly recommend Westminster Preschool to anyone looking for a preschool!" - Heather and Jeremy Branham

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