Adult ministries

Sunday School

Join us! 

➢ Adult Elective in Patterson Chapel

➢ Men’s Class studies a book of the Bible – Room 218

➢ Adult Elective - Andy Stanley video series - Ensemble Room (ground floor)

Small groups

Adult Small Groups are back in session and meet after dinner at 6:30!

Library: Meets at 4:45 in the library before dinner. 

Fellowship Hall

The Chapel

Ensemble Room

"Old Middle School Room" in the basement

Grace marriage

Marriage is worthy of great investment! Join us for Grace Marriage, an ongoing, effective, grace-based ministry where couples invest time, resources, and creativity into their own marriage. We will meet every 90 days for 4 hours to take a proactive approach to strengthening our marriages. Each get-together will be led by trained facilitators and help us engage in biblical concepts and strategies to promote life in your marriage in between meetings. Your yearly investment includes an engaging curriculum and resources and snacks. Arrangements can be made by emailing Contact the church office for more details (304-325-9121) or visit

Visit our Facebook page for event dates: facebook

Mamas of minis (MOM)

MOM, or Mamas of Minis, is a group for mothers of young children. We meet together for fellowship, food & fun as we pursue Jesus together, supporting & inspiring each other in our motherhood journey!

Our group meets the first and third Tuesday of each month from 9:30-11:30 am, September through May. Child care is available and starts at 9:15.

As mothers we need to take time to connect with other moms, especially during those challenging, yet rewarding, early years!

Contact the church office (304-325-9121) for more information and visit our Facebook page to follow our events: facebook

Senior moments

While children filled our homes and jobs filled our thoughts, many found it difficult to develop friendships outside those circles. With childrearing and careers behind us, we find time for Senior Moments. Time to talk and be assured others are listening. Time to reminisce and share experiences from the 40s and 50s and later with those who were there too—although perhaps in different places. Time to share our lives.


Senior Moments meets once a month on the third Friday. 


If you wish to join in the fun and fellowship, please contact the church office at 325-9121.